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Partner with us

How you can assist.

For those who would like to get involved with this ministries activities we have some options available.

Sponsor a Child 

Finding sponsors is a fundamental part of our ministry.
Sponsors commit to a monthly donation of $35 which provides food, clothing, medical care, and an education to a needy child.
Providing for these basic needs not only improves the child's quality of life, but often eases the burden of survival for that child's entire family.
Many of the children in our current project locations of Buche Village, Suna Migori and Homa Bay district in Kenya.
Please pray for God to bring people to them who are able to help them succeed in this life.
Is that person you?
Do you realise that you can become the answer to a child's prayer!
You can choose a child to sponsor and start sponsoring that child today.

If you cannot commit to a specific monthly donation, please would you become involved by praying for this ministry and the ministries we serve.
We are in great need of people who will stand with us in prayer.  Go to our "contact" page and become one of our prayer partners.

 Gifts and Donations, consider a one-time gift or a monthly donation to our general fund or building fund. We are a registered non-profit organization and 100% of your donations fund programs for orphans and vulnerable children.

* Mission Work for those who want to visit Hoe Ministries and visit us here long or short term.  If you would like more information or to be notified of mission opportunities, email:   

* Become a contact person for your area:  Help us spread the word so that others might be able to help.  We need those who are willing to inform their church or organizations to set up a presentation to help others know who we are and what we are doing.  
Could you be that contact person in your area of the world? 

Email us at:

How to partner with us

HOE Ministries is restoring hopes and dreams in orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.

Your partnership with us in this ministry is very special to God, the children and to us.

We are sharing with you here on some of the areas you can partner with us.

Out of school OVC Apprenticeship training support

We are providing Apprenticeship training support to orphans and vulnerable children in child headed, grandparents headed and bedridden headed households by placing the children with local artisans for apprenticeship training. One child supported in this area in return provides a lasting household improved income to his/her siblings and other members of their household of an average of six persons per one household.

This is how you can partner with us in this area;-

$50 per month donation partnership will support 3 children

$100 per month donation partnership will support 6 children

$200 donation per month will support 12 children

Basic medical services

We are providing basic medical services in the villages. We are also providing referral support services to the community by networking with government stakeholders in Kenya like hospitals. We do provide basic medical supplies like malaria drugs, de-worming, water guards for drinking water treatment and other basic medical support services. Hospitals and health facilities are normally many kilometres away from the villages and are payable services which many poor people in the villages cannot afford and the result had been many deaths in the villages. It is noticeable that has been reduced since we started this imitative. You can partner with us in this area as follows;-

$20 per month donation partnership will provide 14 families with mosquito nets

$30 per month donation partnership will provide 50 families with safe drinking water treatment per month

$50 per month donation will provide medical supplies for one village for a month

Education and nutrition support

HOE Ministries is providing early childhood education and nutrition support to 80 orphans and vulnerable children through HOE Christian school which will be scaled up next year to cater for primary lower classes. You can partner with us in this service by donating education materials like pencils, exercise books, coloured pencils, children playing items/dolls and playing balls. You can also partner with us by donating as follows;-

$20 donation per month will purchase pencils for a month or exercise books for a month

$100 donation a month will feed the children with nutrition porridge for a month

$150 donation a month partnership will pay our school volunteer staff for a month

$10 donation per term partnership for one child school uniform support

HOE Children Home

HOE Ministries do rescue abused children, kidnapped children and provide alternative home for the homeless orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. This are some of the areas you may wish to partner with us in the children home.

$500 donation per month partnership you will be able to provide meals for the children in the home for a month

You can provide clothing and bedding to the children by donating to the home any amount of dollars

Gospel Ministries and HOE vision development

You can partner with us in supporting ministers for the gospel, helping purchase Outreach and gospel PA address system and supporting buildings and development at HOE Ministries. You can support a minister by donating $50 per month. To partner with us in other mentioned areas you can contact us or donate as you are led.

Other methods of supporting our work

These are goodwill donations, seed planting in our ministry. You can do this by sending a cheque marked on the area you would like to support or just donating in the name of HOE Ministries, or email us for the bank account number in Australia. You can also send money by Western Union 

Send cheques and parcels addressed to;-

Joshua O. Wagunda

HOE Ministries,

P.O. Box 795, Homa Bay 40300,



All parcels should include the name of Joshua O. Wagunda and phone number; +254 725164594 for safe delivery.

Send prayer requests to:

Donations can be made at: