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Our children's stories

During this August school holiday break, we will be sharing some of our HOE Grace childrens' own stories. These stories are written by the children themselves and have only been corrected in translation, while making sure that their stories are retained intact. The English language corrections are also done by the bigger children who are better in writing English than the very smaller ones. It will be one child's story at a time. We may not be able to share every child's story but just some of them to help you understand their own stories.

Today, I will begin with Lucy's story:

Lucy Akinyi story (10 years Class One)

My name is Lucy Akinyi, aged 10 years and in class 1 (one) at Arunda Primary school in Homa Bay town. I am a complete orphan with both parents dead. I currently live at HOE Grace Home/Orphanage and I thank God.

I was born in Tanzania where my both parents died when I was still too young at a tender age. I thereafter lived with my poor grandmother (the mother to my late dad) who could hardly provide for our daily needs. We were later visited by my grandfather (the father to my mum) who lived in Kenya. He came and took me with him to Rabango village in Kenya where we lived for some time in hardship and in need. My grandfather was poor too but having a good heart. He was really struggling that we have our meals but the situation was not good due to poverty.

I was later identified by my Pastor of Rabango Heaven on Earth in Rabango village to benefit from HOE Grace seeds care and support for orphans and needy children. I was taken to join Grace Children Home in Homa Bay where I now live joyfully and happy. I now attend Arunda Primary school in Primary class one where I love my teachers and classmates.

It is my prayer that more children in situation like the one I was could get help and their hopes restored the way I was helped by God. I pray for orphans and hurting children every time I am in Church and pray they can join me here.

Lucy Akinyi
10 years, Class One


 Kofi Anan story (13 years Class 6)


My name is Kofi Anan, I am 13 years and in class six at Arunda Primary school in Homa Bay town, Kenya. I love my home; HOE Grace Home for children. It is a lovely home for me and my brethren here. I have a new bed here which is my first bed since I was born. I also have new mattress, blanket, bed sheets and pillow. It is lovely and I feel blessed by Jesus.

I realized this year that my late parents had named me after the former UN secretary Kofi Anan. This name has inspired my dream more.

I was born in Mathanka village, Suna West in Migori County near Kenya Tanzania border. My dad died when I was still very young. My mum then afterwards ran away from us and left us in our hut in the village because she could not be able to feed the six of us. We were really hurting and could sleep many times without food. We got sick more often with no one to care for us. We stayed in our hut with our other siblings (the six of us) until our old grandmother came and took us to go and live with her.

We thought we were out of loneliness and suffering when we were taken by our grandmother though she was poor. After staying with her for a short period, she got tired of caring for us and chased us a way. We then dropped out of school for a month before we were taken in by our uncle (a brother to our dad). We could be sent out for school due to school fee, stationery and other education need every time and then which kept us out of school. It was very hurting to us and we cried a lot with no help. Our performance in school was deteriorating and was so bad. My uncle made a rule that every Thursday, we are not to go to school and instead go and work in the farms for his cash farming activities of tobacco. We could work at the farms and miss schools. He was a good man anyway because he gave us a place in his family for that period despite the challenges.

My uncle took my dad?s land (property) and sold saying he was going to use the same to pay for our school needs, but did not do so. We lived in that suffering until I was identified by my village Church Pastor ?Pastor Domnic? of Heaven on Earth Church, Mathanka village for support at Grace Children Home in Homa Bay town as an orphan, where I was taken in with love and now I live with other children happily with God as our Father today.

I love Mathematics and Geography and would like to be a Pilot after school flying to many Countries sharing Jesus and his saving grace as I do my work.

Every day, I keep praying for my other siblings and other orphan children so that they can get help too.

Kofi Anan
13 years Primary Class six
Arunda Primary School, Homa Bay town

We thank God for this day; today we are sharing with you self written story of Beryl aged 12 years in class six. Beryl is one of the girls at our HOE Grace Home. We thank God for improving their lives and performance in school which keep on being better each school term.

Beryl's story

Beryl Akinyi (12 years in Primary class six)

My name is Beryl Akinyi, I?m twelve years old. I?m in class six at Arunda Primary school in Homa Bay town, western Kenya. I come from Kisumu County where I was born in Mamboleo village just next to Kisumu City.

My mother gave birth to me before she got married to my step father who lives in Mamboleo village. The step father used to quarrel about me so much. He tried many times to rape me but Jesus helped me. Every time he could do this, he always said he will kill me when I tell anyone that he wants to rape me. I could ran and spend night in the village bush wherever my mum was not at home. I lived in fear and in distress wondering where my real dad could be! When I asked my mum about my real dad, she did not want to talk about it and would begin to shed tears. This made me wondering more whether I am as a result of rape because my mum doesn?t want to talk about it. I wonder why inquiring about my dad gives her lot of pain in heart.

Sometimes my step father who is a drunkard and uses a lot of drugs could come home late, find when we are a sleep and wake me up with my mother and tell my mother to go throw me in the bush because he can?t live with a child who is not his. As a result, I used to cry a lot.

I could not go to school because I was hurting and I was heartbroken. No one could pay for my school needs and this forced me to drop out of school. I had to live in this miserable life for four years. Many days I could ran away and spend the nights in the village bush fearing that the step father could harm me or kill me at night. I didn?t even have good clothes and I was in rags.
Last year my mum met a woman whom she shared with about my plight and how my safety is worrying her. The lady comes from the same village where Pamela, Pastor Joshua?s wife was born and grew up in Kano plains. They went to the same school and were in the same class with her. She promised my mum that she knows a lady who is married to a Pastor who lives in Homa Bay town where they run a home for orphans and hurting children like me. She took my mum?s number and promise to call her after talking to the Pastor?s wife.

It took about one month and a half before she called back and on 7th January, 2014, my mum received a call from her to take me to Kisumu town and meet her. In Kisumu town my mum left me in that lady?s house and promised that I will be safe in her hand. The following day, my mum came back and after being given direction and Pastor?s wife number brought me to Homa Bay.
I discovered later the woman was born again but does not fellowship in same ministry with Pastor?s wife. The woman gave my mum bus fare for us to Homa Bay. That is how I came to Heaven on Earth Grace Children?s home where I now live safe and happily. I found a new lovely home in the presence of God and I love my brothers and sisters whom God has given me at HOE Grace home. We love serving God together at HOE. I no longer live in fear and I feel loved by Jesus.

Currently I am at Arunda Primary school in class six. I am born again girl who loves serving Christ and people especially children in my class to whom I love sharing about Jesus and his love to.
I have a dream and a vision to be a Lawyer after school to stand for the right of children and women in Kenya, to achieve this I need your prayers.

I also need a sponsor who can help me with my education needs in order to achieve my dream vision of becoming a Lawyer to stand for and advocate for the children and women rights in Kenya.

Beryl Akinyi
12 years in Class six
Arunda Primary school
Homa Bay, Kenya


Today we are sharing with you again the story of one of our children at HOE; Joshua Okello aged 13 years in class five. Tomorrow Sunday, we will not be sharing a story up to Monday when will share another child's story. Be blessed and have a happy blessed weekend in Christ Jesus.

Joshua Okello (13 years Class 5 Primary)

My name is Joshua Okello from Buche village in Ndhiwa Sub County. I am 13 years. My father died while I was still young and my mother abandoned me after the death of my father. It then forced me to go and live with my old sick grandfather in the same village.

I dropped out of school, begun to cut down and collect trees to burn charcoal at the age of six to feed myself and support my grandfather who was old and sick.

I lived in a very terrible situation in my late father?s hut alone and could go to my grandfather?s hut during day time. The hut was badly leaking and I was being rained on at night. I was sleeping in one corner of the hut as the whole hut was muddy during wet season without bedding and blanket. I had only old torn big sized sweater and a torn old trouser with no shoes. Those were the only thing I owned.

One evening in 2010 as I was carrying some small trees on my daily routine of cutting trees for making charcoal I got tongue tied when I met Pastor Joshua whom I did not know by them with a certain white lady in the village path next to my hut where I lived. I hadn?t seen any white person before. I was so dirty and weak but they amazed me when they asked me if they could pray for me! I agreed and they prayed for me. They then told me that Jesus loves me and paid a price on the cross to save me. I was shocked because nobody had ever told me since my father died that they love me.

After praying for me and receiving Jesus, they gave me some sweets and left. I did not sleep that night thinking whether I would be able to meet those nice people again. The following day, I woke up at 6.00am and begun to go from one home to another asking if anybody had seen them. I was directed by a certain old grandmother and I found them. After finding where they lived in the village, I went back and brought them a gift of a tin of charcoal. They asked me where I lived and with who do I lived. After telling them my story, they had compassion over me and asked me if I could come and live with them because Jesus loves me and they love me too.

They later took me with them to Heaven on Earth Grace Orphanage in Homa Bay where I now live. They registered me in Shauriyako Primary school in class one and today I am in class five, I thank God for helping me.

Two years ago, Pastor Joshua said that those who will get over 450 marks out of 500 marks will be enrolled in Christian school. I worked hard and I got 467 marks out of 500 marks and I was enrolled at Homa Bay Children Christian school where I am now in class five. I am gifted naturally in wiring and has a dream to become an Electric Engineer when I finish school.

My life has been changing daily since I joined HOE Grace home and I am happy and believe God to fulfill my dream of becoming an Electric Engineer.

My prayer is to get a sponsor who can help me by paying for me school fee at Homa Bay Children Christian School and later in High school helping me to achieve my dream through HOE Grace home.

I love playing soccer with my friends at HOE Grace home when not in school where I play number 11 for my Grace seeds young team with other children around us who come to play soccer with us.

Joshua Okello
13 years Class 5
Homa Bay Children Christian school















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