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What we believe

We believe that the only true basis of Christian fellowship is His Agape love. Which is greater than any differences that we have and without which we have no right to claim ourselves to be Christians.

God created all people to enjoy everlasting life in a beautiful relationship with Him. But when we live our lives our own way rather than His way we reject His love and ruin our relationship. We might try all kinds of ways of making sense of our lives by being good, going to church, even being religeous but none of these things can bring us back to that place of real relationship with God.

What we are powerless to do for ourselves God did by sending His Son Jesus to die on the cross to pay the price for the sins of all mankind and also for us personally.

But Jesus didn't stay dead. He rose from the dead, beating all those things that could possibly keep us from living in right relationship with Him.

After Jesus ascended into heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to enable us to live our lives the way He has ordained, full of Him and His power.

He calls us to go and tell others of His wonderful love and grace so that we can bring others into His amazing plans and purposes for our lives.

We believe that salvation can be found in no other than Jesus Christ and that you must be born again to see the kingdom of God.