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Renewing the toilets at Grace Kids Home

Our Grace kids children home toilet collapsed on Thursday last week and has really given us a challenge! We had to ask one of our neighbors to allow the children use her toilet which she has only allowed us for a week. This morning the Government Public health and sanitation officials visited the orphanage and wanted to close the home until we put up another toilet. After some discussion with them, they allowed us a maximum of two weeks period to complete a new permanent pit latrine.

Today we began digging the new toilet by faith and we are in urgent need of $1,000 to put up the new toilet within the given two weeks period. We would appreciate prayers brethren

Doctor Gary and Ruth Jones in Magoto 

Village in Migori Kenya. Such joy to see 

the children, they were amazed to see 

white people in their school.


Medical Mission to Kenya May 2017

Please stand with us as we prepare for our Medical Mission to Kenya this year to support the work of Building Heaven on Earth.
Our team from Australia will be staying for 2 weeks and doing medical camps out to remote villages.
We will also be conducting leadership training, evangelism and children's ministry.
We would value your prayers both before we go and while we are there. If anyone would like to donate towards this ministry there would be many people who would benefit.
The children's home supports many children of varying ages who all need funds to resource their schooling.
The investment that has been made in their lives is truly valued and showing great results already.
Water tanks are needed to provide clean drinking water as ground water is often contaminated.
A vehicle is also required to negate the cost of hiring vehicles. 

Thank you for your prayerful support of these dear people


Heaven on Earth Ministries
Newsletter – April 2013

Greetings to all our precious partners and friends around the world! We thank you for your faithfulness in this kingdom work!!

It is a privilege and a great honor to us in Kenya to be sons in God’s Kingdom and to serve in this heavenly work. We must admit that in this high calling of service and to live not for self but for others and the kingdom has challenges, trials and suffering, to all which we must remain faithful not only to the Father who called us in His Son Jesus but also to the work we are doing.

Everybody in the world including you and I was born with a purpose and to fulfill an assignment. God created each one of us to solve a problem and to be a solution to problems. There is something God wanted done and accomplished that requires our existence in His kingdom. Salvation comes with a purpose and a kingdom assignment. For us as a family, it was to live our lives out of self unto others and His kingdom. We are humbled and agree that we must run this race in His will. When we discover that purpose, we begin to live not for us but for Him who created and saved us.

After said these, I would want to humbly apologize to our dear partners, supporters and friends that it has passed two months without issue our monthly newsletter! It was because, I and some part of the team working with me volunteered for peace missions during Kenya electioneering period which has just ended and a new president sworn in on 9th April, 2013. We thank all of you who responded to our prayers appeal for Kenya. We thank God that your prayers bared fruit and Kenya witnessed peaceful elections after the post election violence of 2007 that left over 1,200 people dead, many people maimed and crippled! God is indeed faithful to unity prayers of the warriors!

Now that we are done with peace missions, we are earnestly getting back to soul winning and harvesting which is our ultimate calling. The team has met twice to pray and listen to God for our work fully depends on His voice and direction. The HOE team is meeting again on 13th this weekend after listening to God to draw a plan for the coming quarter on ministry work to reach the community with His gospel and other ministry schedules which we will share in the next newsletter.

Children ministry
A lot has been achieved in this specific ministry and this is one of our main ministries of focus. Our children families are doing well with a high witnessed change and improvement in the children’s lives.

Children Families
Magina Family - Duncan, the eldest in the Magina family completed his Apprenticeship training in building last month and has been equipped with tools for his work. We thank God for him. His trainer has retained him to work with him and he has begun earning some little money now which he uses to support the family alongside our monthly support. God is indeed faithful and is a life changing God. Tonny, Duncan’s follower will begin his Apprenticeship this month immediately we have the funds for him to begin. He will be doing welding Apprenticeship training. Their sister Elvine have a dream to pursue her education to university and we are praying for her success and for God’s provision to enable her achieve her dream and sow back to the community as that is her dream in life. The other children in that family are also doing well. We thank God!

Kogelo Family – The Kogelo family are doing well and we thank God that they were able to visit our family in Homa Bay last weekend and have a wonderful time playing football and other plays with my children. God has indeed made us into one family of God. We believe God for some clothing as a basic need for the Kogelo family.

Isaac Family – This family has really changed in health looking and the children have grown just very fast. For those of you who had been following the pictures of this family can realize that the last pictures we shared shown a lot of improvement in the growth of the children. That is what God can do when He touches and impact a life. We thank God that this family now have a new bed and beddings. We still believe God for another bed for this family. It was a family that was sleeping on rugs, sacks and an old woven mat but now can sleep on a bed and a mattress. What an awesome God who loves children. To Him be the glory and honor!

Buche Family – Belinda, the eldest in this family will be doing her final primary exams and would want to farther her studies in high school to become a Community Nurse. She will be joining her high school which is payable in Kenya and we are seeking God for high school fee sponsorship. If God is speaking to you to help Belinda pursue her high school, please feel free to connect with us. This family has a sponsor that helps them but only the gap of Belinda’s high school fee is the need.

Buche Christian School – We thank God for the far we have come with challenges and struggle with this school. This kingdom project which is very vital to our hearts for it helps many children but where we have been experiencing a lot of challenges especially in the area of volunteer teachers support. Many times we have been faced with challenges to pay these volunteer teachers which have given us challenge in the recent period. God has blessed us with desks and a church building for the children learning, but we have experienced persistent need for teachers payments and porridge stuff for the children. If God is speaking to you to help us support these children which have no alternative early childhood school in the entire Buche village with the nearest government school far about 5 kilometers away, then we would thank God for your joining hands with us in supporting the children in Buche village.

Ministry sustaining project
We would like to let you know that we have begun a project which will help us in sustaining the ministry work. God gave us another land through a friend to our work donation in Homa bay town, where we have began to put Iron sheets structures for rental shelters which can bring rent to the ministry in future and help us in the work. This is a very vital ministry project and any one who would like to help us with the project would really be appreciated. We have constructed two family structures which await only latrine structure construction and then two small families can move in. Please pray with us for the latrine which requires $350 to construct. These structures are huts made of both roof and walls with iron sheets.

You can help us put a house in the project or part of a house as we move towards the project goal. One house (hut) structure with two rooms costs about $1,100 to put up and will give the ministry about $40 a month per hut/house structure.
The succession for our ministry land in Homa bay which we were purchasing also was completed last week by the attorney and we are only waiting for God’s provision of surveying and title transfer. This will cost the ministry about $250 to complete and have the Title.

We would really be thankful and appreciate your prayers in these areas where we have ministry needs.

“If you want to be well-served, then serve others.” Myles Munroe

“There is nothing as powerful as a Concept, and nothing more dangerous as a Misconception.” Ps. Joshua Wagunda.

If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing right. James 2:8

Joshua and the HOE team in Kenya.

Dear All friends of Heaven on Earth Ministries,
We greet you all with kingdom joy greetings!
We are happy to share with you that HOE was officially launched as was scheduled in the month of March. We are now focused on the work ahead given unto us by kingdom grace to advance God’s kingdom and God’s love in Kenya.
Heaven on Earth Ministries has a kingdom burden of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, Reaching out to the challenged children (Orphans & vulnerable children) and impact precious lives with the love of God in Kenya.
Kenya is a lovely country blessed with a lot of natural landscapes, animal parks, rivers, hills, mountains and many of God’s creation.

The people of Kenya are lovely people with a lot of hospitality! With all these blessings, Kenya faced a heavy drought in the last months and this has impacted so much on needy children and people in Kenya. Today, many orphans and children in needy families are facing serious hunger! The World food program and other non governmental organizations are warning that many people may die as a result of hunger in Kenya in the coming weeks or months!

In the areas of Kenya where we are working, seven out of ten orphan families are headed by children (we call these families Child headed families). Heaven on Earth Ministries through the support of some of you precious friends and partners are sponsoring some of these families to the glory of God! Your rewards in all these are with the Father!
Right now, heavy rains are causing havoc as the rains start in most parts of Kenya including where we are, many of these Orphans families have been left homeless after their huts were destroyed by heavy rains and wind!
In the last two weeks, our team has been visiting families around Homa Bay town on a follow up and on medical mission where we came more face to face with these Orphaned children suffering!

These are God’s precious children and Jesus loved them and died for them! They therefore should not need to suffer!
In the month of last December through the support of our partners Dawn and Raymond, we were able to provide feeding to 1,000 orphans in Kenya. From last month to date, we have been able to provide free medical support to over 420 people through the support of our partners Mike Cameron and the team from Nigeria. Through the support of our Orphans sponsorship program, we have been able to provide monthly shopping to five (5) Orphans families with a total of 49 Orphans.
We have also been able to provide Day feeding program to 86 children in Buche village through our Village Orphans Day care Program.

We give God ALL the glory as we remain humbled by your support for all these to the honour and glory of Jehovah God!

In the last two days, there have been floods and heavy winds destroying many families’ huts and leaving many children helpless and homeless!!
To help address some of this current Hunger problem among needy Orphans, Heaven on Earth Ministries is coming up with a Program targeting to save lives of Orphans children in 7 villages in Kenya called “Help save a Precious live with Jesus”
We are targeting to provide mosquito nets to 1,000 children in 200 or so in these villages. These are families headed by children themselves or headed by poor old grandmothers. We have been providing shopping, food stuffs of Rice, beans and other simple stuff to these families to save these precious lives from death during this hunger period and help repair a few of the Orphans huts that have been destroyed!
We will be networking with the government department of children in the district in this initiative to the glory of God. We are foreseeing that the feeding of the 1,000 children for 2 months hunger period and providing them with mosquito nets will cost us $20,000. This seams to be very costly but it's worth it to save 1,000 lives!

We currently don’t have the funds to meet the needs of these people but we know we have it in the Lord to carry out this Program. Together we can do it to the glory and honour of God.

Your donation towards this may be small in your eyes but it will make a step towards achieving this goal and help save many lives!!!
We are asking all our precious friends and partners to join us with kingdom prayers in this Program “Help save a Precious live with Jesus” by sowing into this Program.
We will keep you updated as we reach out to save these precious lives and share in the glory and love of God!
1 John 3:11 and 1 John 4:7-12
To sow in this Program or for more information on this program;-
“Help save a Precious live with Jesus”

Director: Pastor Joshua Wagunda
International Coordinator: Sylvia Suhr

Postal address contact

The Director,
Heaven on Earth Ministries
P.O. Box 795,
Homa Bay 40300


Heaven on Earth Ministries
December Missions Schedules

Praise God to all friends. The Christmas season has come and we at Heaven on Earth Ministries has lined up a number of missions during this Christmas season to reach out to 1,000 orphans with feeding program and gospel to those communities. We are grateful of your concern when we temporarily cancelled the Magina mission which was...
to take place during the last weekend. This was to allow us seek God for our future involvements for better and effective ministry work. We appreciate all of you for your concern. God bless you all. It has demonstrated to us a clear brotherhood and love you have for us and what the Lord is doing with us in Kenya. You are very special and precious friends!!

December missions
Heaven on Earth Ministries will be outreaching to 1,000 orphans during this Christmas season to provide feeding to them while showing the love of Christ for giving His own life for all of us. Our team will be also preaching the gospel during the missions and praying for the sick.

We will be carrying the missions as follows;-
1.St. Luke and Longo communities in Magina area on 8th Dec, 2011
2.Magina village in Ndhiwa District on 9th December, 2011
3.Kogelo and Rabuor Masawa villages on 10th Dec, 2011
4.Homa Bay in Homa Bay District on 11th Dec, 2011
5.Kangeso village, Rongo District on 19th Dec, 2011
6.Mabubi village in Migori District on 20th Dec, 2011
7.Makongeni village in Migori District on 21st Dec, 2011
8.Buche village in Ndhiwa District on 23rd Dec, 2011
9.We have postponed JACCFO feeding to 2nd week of Jan, 2012

Sylvia's Holiday
Sylvia is currently back in Australia on holiday to visit family and friends and we are believing God that she will be joining the team again in early February, 2012. We are requesting prayers for her refreshment as she has been engaged in a lot of good work and she really needs refreshment and some rest. To God be all the glory!

The team will be joining Joshua in prayers on 7th December before proceeding to St. Luke for the mission on 8th Dec. Elaine and George will also be joining the team from Suna for all the missions scheduled.

Cosmas Burial and other schedules
To those who know Cosmas, one of our best old friends who received the Lord during one of our villages outreach and was aged 111 years. He past on recently and will be buried on 16th December, 2011. A team from Heaven on Earth Ministries will be attending including Suna team.

Other schedules
Joshua will be attending leadership training in Nairobi beginning 12th - 16th December, 2011. We also appreciate the Lord that our Coordinator Moses also only attended another one week leadership training last two weeks. Surely our God is wonderful and faithful to us.

We would appreciate so much your prayers as we move on with these missions.

We give God all the glory!!!!

Bless all of you,

Joshua and the team in Kenya
Ministry Newsletter – January 2014


Heaven on Earth Ministries (Kenya)
When Jacob awoke from his sleep, he said, “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I was not aware of it.” He was afraid and said, “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate to heaven.” – Gen. 28:16-17
Greetings and much love to you; our dear precious partners and friends in the kingdom family!
It has been an awesome journey which has taken us through the wilderness, mountains, valleys and plains; it is worth it! The journey of the Lord’s vision unto us! We are happy and joyful to share with you the joy of the Lord in our hearts on what He is doing with us in unity with you in Kenya. We know even the days to come will contain mountains, valleys and wilderness; but we fear nothing for the Lord is with us and is leading us!; ministry is our life and our life is ministry. We live in Jesus and Jesus lives in us; for we have been put together with Christ and hidden in God!
We would like to share with you on the steps and updates the Lord has made by His Grace with Heaven on Earth Ministries in the last few months.
By November this year 2014, HOE will be 5 years old since the vision was founded and by August this year HOE will be 3 years old since its registration as a non denomination, non profit and a non religious ministry serving God’s kingdom in Kenya. This is great joy to us and we are thankful to the Lord for bringing us this far in His grace.
You as our partners and friends have faithfully and honestly walked all this journey with us; we salute you in Jesus! The race and the journey is still on and we hope to continue the good race with you in unity.
Before we share with you some of the achievements so far and our prayer needs; we would like to share humbly with all our partners and friends as a reminder, especially to those who have not worked with us but would like to work with us and those who would want to visit on a mission, on some facts about HOE.
Heaven on Earth Ministries (HOE in brief)
Heaven on Earth Ministries is  a Grace ministry of Jesus Christ. It is a ministry of God’s children serving by Grace and in His favour.
HOE is not a denominational ministry or a religion/religious ministry but a ministry that strongly believe in SALVATION BY GRACE ALONE through the finished work of the CROSS by Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Those who believe in religion and denomination may therefore have problem serving with HOE! We feel it is very important to share this with you friends due to our past experiences with others who left us in Kenya.  HOE believes in serving by the gifts of the Holy Spirit and do not believe on church leadership as of the world leadership style!. We believe, God is the God of order and plan and we do everything by Grace, love, order and plan in the right Will of God and in His timing. This means; HOE does not believe on religious performance based faith kind of work and working to please God; but rather God working through us by Grace and love to touch and impact the lives of His hurting people, those who are oppressed by the enemy and to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus of Nazareth. To us; IT IS ALL ABOUT GRACE, GRACE AND GRACE!
We believe on the foundation of faith IN relationship with God through Jesus Christ as was founded by Jesus Christ and followed by the Apostles in the Book of Acts.
This we believe may help those who have not received our ministry statement of faith to understand about HOE ministries in Kenya. We share with you this while very much humbled by His Grace and Love! We love you all and Jesus loves you so much!
Ministry Updates
Children work
Heaven on Earth Ministries is caring and supporting a total of 37 orphans and most vulnerable children in Western Kenya alongside many other more children in the 5 ministry congregation/churches. Seven of these children are in High schools in 2014 with one more taken for support this week named; Cynthia Beverlyn to make the ones in High school to be eight. Initially we had 7 children to High schools including those who are joining this year, but the Lord spoke to us about Cynthia this week; the Lord supported her and she joined her new High school yesterday; Glory to God! Cynthia did not have a hope and did not have anyone to pay for her school fees after doing her Primary exams last year and passed. We thank God for helping her to pursue her dreams!   
Maceline (Mercy) and Fredrick came to us after walking more than 20 Kms in December 2013 asking for prayers and support for their education school fee. By then they did not have hope to continue with their education this year and they were at the edge of dropping out of their schools! Today all their 2014 school fee are paid in full; what an awesome Lord we serve. Just like Jacob said; in Gen. 28:16-17  ‘This is none other than the LORD’s house!”
All the other children are in Primary schools with some joining High school next year. One of the main focus of HOE ministries is to help children who are most hurting and who live in the worst conditions to have their hopes, dreams and education fulfilled. We are asking for prayers so that we may be uplifted by His Grace to touch even more lives of these kind of Children in Kenya.
Homa Bay County where we are serving; has the highest number of orphans in Kenya and just like Mercy and Fredrick there are many waiting on Jesus and His love to reach them and help them out of their hurting situation and continue their education. This is our prayer that you can join hands with us to reach and help these needy hurting children in Kenya. If the Lord is speaking to you to help us reach and support the education of more children, do not hesitate to obey His voice and contact us.
Grace Children
Heaven on Earth Ministries together with some wonderful partners are working on Construction of Grace Children Home.The first hostels are under construction to accommodate between 60 – 70 children. The hostels block will accommodate all the Gender children in separate hostels after completion but later will remain a Girls Hostel when we finally have the Boys’ hostels constructed too.
The construction has reached to the windows and we are waiting upon the Lord to continue the same. Child abuse and rights violation is high in Kenya, especially in the area where we work and we would really want to complete the hostels to have the children in a safer alternative home. Some of the children families are living in their late parents old huts which are leaking and the long rains are beginning in early April in Kenya, this can be a challenge to the children because of diseases like cholera, malaria and others.
Those of you who are conversant with children's work may know that caring and supporting children's needs involves a lot and some of these are; Spiritual, physical, education, psychological, health, moral many others; this is why we as a ministry believe in Quality and Comprehensive holistic ministry to the children. We are taking their future so seriously and increasing the number of the children we are caring for with much planning and prayer. We don't want end up with too many children with no proper future in God’s will and purpose. By October this year HOE should be caring and supporting 60 – 70 children accommodated at Grace Children Home and we need you to join us in this special prayer and in support towards this vision for the children. The Grace Children Home is to be a Big children's Home when completed, caring for many hurting children in Kenya and by mid next year 2015, it should be caring for 120 orphans in the Home.
Gospel Outreaches and Fellowship
We thank God for the team at HOE, they have given their lives to Christ and His kingdom. They allow Christ to use them in His will and we salute them that they are given to the work of the Gospel despite their family needs and challenges at times. As a ministry we are believing God for 4 Motorcycles to help ministers reach the most remote places in Western Kenya with the Gospel and support the servants when we are able to as a ministry. We are also believing God for an outreach Tent.
Pastor Silas is currently doing a wonderful work alongside Sophy in Buche village and we are asking for brethren prayers on their behalf. Pastor Ken’s wife is currently sick and may be may be taken for an operation soon to remove a growth in her stomach. We are requesting for your prayers and support if you are led to help us stand with her. She is a wonderful woman of God, a sister and a wonderful worshiper! Other ministers are also doing the same; reaching out to the lost with the love of God. We thank God that they have allowed Jesus to use them as vessels of His kingdom.
The Homa Bay Congregation Church/fellowship centre has been completed and we are praying for 100 plastic chairs. We thank God so much!
We have lined up fellowships and outreaches in the coming months of this year as follows;-
1.      17th – 20th April – Buche Gospel outreach and Fellowship
2.      July 2014 – Homa Bay Great Harvest
(We ask those who would want to join us for this great harvest to contact us)
3.      House fellowship – weekly
These are among many more lined up ministry outreach work.
HOE Children Mission team was availed in December and is growing well and getting prepared for the Lord’s work. We thank God for them.
Children Home site Expansion for future Development
We are praying and talking to a neighbour of our site for a possible land expansion to accommodate more children's Home construction needs in the future and for future expansion of the Grace Home. Please help us lift this to the Lord. It will cost about $9,000 to expand the land for future development and we need unity of prayers on this too.
Our sister Sylvia Suhr
We are grateful to the Lord that our sister Sylvia has recovered from operations after being in Australia for the last two years and is praying to join the team again in Kenya soon. Please pray for our dear sister that the Lord will meet her needs and come to help with training on Evangelism to the team alongside helping with training for other ministries in Kenya for the period that the Lord will allow her be in Kenya
A lot is happening at the moment at HOE and we may not be able to share all with you at once. On more about what the Lord is doing at HOE, you can see on our facebook updates and Building Heaven on Earth Group.
Some of you have been a wonderful blessing and are part of what the Lord is doing in Kenya! We thank you so much on the partnership you have with us. If you are led you can help with resource mobilization towards the work in Kenya and the Lord will be a blessing and a reward to your efforts towards His kingdom work. We value so much the good working relationship we are enjoying with some of you and may God richly and abundantly increase and bless you in His Son Jesus of Nazareth, Amen!
Joshua and the team in Kenya.


August Newsletter



We Praise God for all He is and has done in us and in the ministry here in Kenya.

Many souls have been won into the kingdom of God.

Many people baptised and the fire of heaven came down to deliver many people and baptise them in the Holy Spirit.

This next two weeks is going to be a very significant time in the ministry of Heaven on Earth.

People from all of our five churches will be coming together for prayer and fasting for the ministry of Heaven on Earth for the next three days. ( 25th- 28th August)

Many will go to a nearby mountain to seek God and hear what He has to say to us here in Kenya.

Please feel free to join us and send us any ministry prayer needs you may have so that we can unite our faith and see God's mighty power in action.

On Sunday we will have three doctors/pastors coming from Lagos in Nigeria for a medical mission here for at least a week. These men of God contacted us and said that God had led them to come and bless us here at Heaven on Earth Ministries.

We are still in the process of building the classrooms for our nursery school and would like to have it finished in the next few weeks with desks and chairs for the children.

Our three voluntary teachers have been doing a wonderful job under difficult circumstances on the dirt floor in our church building. Please believe with us for God to intervene and give these children a more fitting place to learn and grow.

We appreciate all of you and connect our faith with yours that God will meet all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

We pray that God's kingdom will come and His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

Yours in Christ

Sylvia and Joshua



  'Heaven on Earth' Newsletter August 2011

Greetings from Sylvia and Joshua in Kenya.

A month has passed by since Sylvia came back to Kenya to continue with the vision that God has given to Joshua and I to establish 'Heaven on Earth Ministries', building churches and communities to bring them into the wonderful salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. Empowering people to be transformed by discipleship training and practical ways of developing the community, bringing them out of disease and the poverty lifestyle.

This time I traveled to Uganda with a team of 20 people from Australia led by Pastor John Macknamara of Parkway Church in Canberra. Joshua was able to meet me in Uganda and join with the team. Many souls were won into the kingdom of God at the crusades, schools and hospitals. Many people testified of miraculous healings at the crusades in the evenings. At the conferences in the daytime pastors came from all over Uganda for leadership training and we all shared in a wonderful lunch after the graduation of the bible school students.

We were able to meet with Bishop Patrick Okabe who heads up the church in Mbale called Impact Ministries.

After the Uganda mission we made our way by bus to Kisumu in Kenya where Joshua attended a Leadership training conference for a week and Pamela and I returned to Homa Bay and rested for a few days.

On Monday the 25th July we hosted a team from the USA at HOE Centre Buche village for 5 days and we were really blessed by the teams enthusiasm and passion to preach the gospel by visiting people in their houses, evening crusades and night revivals. The presence of God and anointing was awesome! Papa John, as he is fondly known will always remain in our hearts with his precious love of God and gentle spirit. The community and our team will not forget this lovely team and their passion for God's kingdom!

I am delighted to say that we have planted and have started to establish 6 more churches across the greater Southern Nyanza of Western Kenya, some as far away as Suna which is near to Migori on the border of Tanzania. These has been a great blessing to us in our evangelism work as we unite together for the glory of God.

I have seen such transformation in the lives of so many of the people in the village of Buche and it was a joy for me to see how much they have matured. Out of isolation, paganism, cults and witchcraft have risen a people given over to Jesus, and today we are thrilled!

Even their countenance has changed they are living more peacefully with each other and willing to share what they have, so wonderful and encouraging.

Our HOE Christian school at Buche Village we have started with Nursery school and believing God for primary school by next year is being established now and has 86 children who have improved in health and general looking. We are providing nutritional porridge every day to the 86 children while in school and look forward to provide other meals during the day times. We are providing learning materials to the children like pencils, books etc. We have also been able to provide half of the 86 children with school uniforms. We are believing God for a medical mission team this year.

We have managed to purchase a 1 2/3 acres of land where HOE centre and Church in Buche village is being established. We now have a church structure which holds around 300 people. Our ministry is now one year and a half old and we are grateful on what God has done so far within such a short period of time here. The number of people attending is increasing as we encourage them to preach the gospel and bring friends and relatives to join us in this community of believers (God's family). Many have been baptised in water and the Holy Spirit and we will continue teaching, discipling and guiding them on their new life in salvation and as part of a Church and the body of Christ Jesus.

Over 150 trees have been planted for fruit, building materials and fuel for our children feeding in future. Our aim is to plant thousands of trees at HOE and within the community area and supply others with tree seeds and seedlings for more community tree planting which will help to encourage rain catchment and provide healthier environment for the community.

Our latrines at HOE in Buche are now built and already in use which has been a great blessing for the children and the people who are at the church. We appreciate God for those who supported its achievement, God bless and reward you.

The foundations of the classrooms are made with few brick courses to the roofing. This will provide two classrooms which will provide the children with a good improved learning atmosphere and help us with primary class one by next year 2012.

Our next step is to purchase 2 more acres of land adjacent to our land, this will provide space for building accommodation for our voluntary workers, other houses to accommodate more children as the number of orphans and very vulnerable children in these communities is overwhelming in number who are parentless (complete orphans). It will also provide for houses for Sylvia and our guests/visitors on missions.

Having more land will also help us with our agriculture projects so that we can be self sustaining in terms of producing food for the children feeding and support to impoverished widows and old age people within this community.

This land can be purchased at a very small cost of $2,000 Aust .... yes, the land in the village is certainly not expensive compared to the land in the towns.

We are in need of a motor bike for the villages ministry work which would be of great benefit for us in the villages. This is because villages here are in a very remote and hard to reach areas especially during the wet seasons, many motorbikes here carry three or four people at a time, locally known as African Taxies or Boda Bodas. This will improve our coordination as well especially now that God is enabling us to plant more churches in different far villages and areas.

Malaria is one of the biggest killer disease here and we are providing mosquito nets within the communities to help control malaria infections. We are open and believing God for more ways of reducing the malaria and other disease problems like typhoid etc and controlling them.

We are planting herbs and trees that will repel mosquitoes and flies in the area and cleaning away contaminated water and rubbish by introducing rubbish pits, encouraging of building of latrines (pit toilets) as an important part of diseases outbreak solution. We are also providing free basic medical services support which includes referrals support to hospitals to the sick and children in the community and this has really helped by reducing the number of infant deaths and other deaths which can easily be controlled.

Our challenges has been gaps in some areas to effectively achieve some of our timeline goals but through your prayers together with ours we are approaching our objective goals to the glory of God.

We will be holding crusades from 12th to 16th of August, 2011 in another village called Magina which is some 15 kilometres from Buche village to plant a church to which will support new converts who have been traveling this long distance every Sunday to attend fellowships at Buche church. Our team will be outreaching Suna villages near Tanzania border to disciple our new two churches there and for more village soul winning outreaches between 15th to 18th September, 2012

We are grateful to God and to those who faithfully pray for us and support us in this ministry and we pray that God will continue to bless you abundantly and give you the desires of your heart as you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all that you need shall be added unto you in unlimited measure by our faithful and lovely God.

Thank you so much for all your support, prayers and encouragement to us.

Sylvia, Joshua and the team here at Heaven on Earth in Kenya.       


Building the church structure

We now have 64 children attending the nursery school.

Our new church building which will hold 200 people and also be used for temporary classrooms for the school children.

July Update

Back from the village today for a couple of days to get supplies and do the internet.

Lots of things happening in the village.

The roof is on the church building now and we will be spending the day on Sunday dedicating the building to the Lord and fasting and praying from Saturday evening.

I am amazed how far we have come in just 3 months.

We went to a funeral yesterday, a young couple buried a 2 year old girl named Sharon.

This is the first death from Malaria since I started going there in December last year.

We had the opportunity to preach the gospel to the relatives and the father of the baby prayed for salvation.

We have been providing free medication for Malaria and many other diseases in the village for some time now. If you or any of your friends would be interested in supporting this ministry we would greatly appreciate any help especially to buy medical supplies and school needs like pencils, exercise books and material for school uniforms.

We are also looking to find drug companies who would be willing to send medical supplies here to treat some of the simple diseases.

We will have the uniforms ready by the beginning of next term and hope to increase the number of children in the nursery school from 64 to 80 as we move our classrooms temporarily to the new church building.

All of the teachers have faithfully worked with the children this term and are working voluntarily and we have ladies who make a nutritional porridge for the children to have there after school. Sometimes this is the only meal they will have that day.

Big Felix is 25 and married with 2 little children, he is just amazing as he works together with me keeping house and taking me visiting and I know I couldn't do this without him. We are hoping to build a house at Heaven on Earth for Felix and his family very soon.

Felix has been ploughing some land to grow vegetables for us to use here and as a source of income for Heaven on Earth.

We now have 5 children staying with us at the house, Little Felix is a total orphan and he is HIV positive, he is such a joy to have around. Dianna is 12 and has been through a lot of abuse and is now settling in and learning to share with the other children.

Linda is 14 and a very capable girl, she can wash and cook just like an adult and is a real blessing in the house and speaks good English. Elizabeth or BJ as they call her is also 14 and very capable and  also speaks English.

Rosalyn is 15 and a sister to Joshua my co worker, she is a joy to be around and great with the kids and also speaks English..

We are hearing of many other children who need to come and live with us and soon we will need a much bigger house to accommodate them all.

I really love living in the village and I am finding it hard to leave there even for a few days. It truly is Heaven on Earth.


February Newsletter 2011

Heaven on Earth February update. HOE Ministries


Greetings from all of us here in Kenya

We are making a difference here as we preach the gospel and minister to the people at the villages in Buche in Ndhiwa District and in Homa Bay District as well.

Multitudes here in this area have never had the opportunity to hear the gospel message and respond.

This is an un-reached people group and they are so open to the gospel message of Good News.


Our building program at HOE is going ahead. The church now only needs some final touches and the floor cemented.


The Latrines (toilets) have been built and just need painting.


We have now measured out the foundations for the 3 new permanent classrooms to be built. We have purchase bricks, sand and cement and will start this week to build one big building which will have 2 partitions for the 3 classrooms.


All the 80 children in the school are doing well and our two teachers are doing an excellent job of educating these children in the ways of God and academically.

We praise God how far we have come at the Heaven on Earth land.

Many people have been employed in the area for the work we are overseeing and this has also been a great blessing to them and many families have benefited.


We have now finished the 3 new houses for visitors and staff and plan to have visitors within the next week or so.

We have finished fencing Joshua’s home for protection and privacy and the gates will go on this week. This helps to keep our animals in and other unwelcome animals out.


We will be taking teams out, starting this week, to many unreached villages where the gospel has never been preached and we expect to see hundreds, even thousands of souls coming to Jesus. These are the last of the last days and we are bringing in the end time harvest before Jesus returns for His bride.


 Our livestock is increasing at the house, we now have 5 sheep, 8 rabbits, 2 geese, a male and female for breeding, 2 ducks, 4 chickens with many baby chicks, I also have my cat with 3 baby kittens.

Our God is a God of multiplication!

We will be building poultry sheds so we can have lots of eggs and chickens to help with the food supply at the house.


We have added children at the house and really need more beds and bedding so that we can take more children. There are still many children who have lost both parents and need to come and live with us at the house where they will be loved and nurtured in the ways of God.

A loving home environment, good food and schooling can completely transform a child in a very short period of time.

I will be returning to Australia on the 17th of March and we believe that Joshua will come with me for 2 weeks. This will give us opportunity to minister and also promote what God is doing here in Kenya. I will stay there for a few more weeks after Joshua has left to catch up with family and friends there.

Please would you join us in prayer for Joshua’s air ticket!



 HOE Ministries


January Newsletter


In this month’s Newsletter which is our first newsletter of this year 2011. HOE Ministries is now one year old and we would like to share with you how God has taught us as a ministry on how to touch and save lives in Kenyan poor rural villages. These are some areas God has mandated us as a ministry to address poor village communities health, social and economic problems and bring them into the Kingdom of God.


We are mandated by God as a ministry to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached villages and slums in Western Kenya and currently we are working in six villages namely; Buche, Kopudo, Kokoko, Kombogo, Kahero and Okok in Ndhiwa District. We are also working in three sub locations in Homa Bay town of Homa Bay Disrtict where we have the biggest work of the ministry currently. God has taught us regarding the two hands ministry of preaching the gospel and mercy to the needy. We have seen many lives saved and transformed in the one year period which today we will share with you to thank God for His goodness.

We are going to share them as per an area of activity of work we are doing and would like to share the results achieved so far last year.


Practical and mercy ministry (Ministry of service)

In the practical and mercy ministry, we are working to address basic medical health problems and challenges in the villages mentioned above. We are visiting families and educating them on how to start and improve their own income generating activities and health issues by doing farming and other income generating activities. We have distributed seeds to some poor families and taught them on bag gardening. We pray with them as families during the visits and carry out routine follow ups on them. We are also providing educational and nutrition support to seventy seven (77) orphans and other vulnerable children from these five villages at our HOE Christian children school (ECDE) in Buche village. We are also providing alternative homes to the homeless and abused children at our HOE children family centre where up to now HOE family is providing alternative homes to twelve (12) children who were homeless and abused. These are seven (7) boys and five (5) girls aged between one year and seventeen (1-17 yrs). We have two volunteer teachers and another volunteer widow who is preparing the children’s nutritional porridge.





Community basic medical services and support

It is amazing that this initiative by HOE Ministries which was started in April 2010 has seen many lives saved from deaths which were rampant here! We realized as a ministry that many people were dieing every week in these villages and infant deaths were rampant as a result to some simple treatable and controllable diseases like malaria, water borne diseases, worms and other sickness as a result of poor nutrition. To address this problem, we as a ministry started to buy and distribute mosquito nets in the villages, and initiate basic community medical services and support. Currently our budget for drug purchases is about $30 dollars per month and mosquito nets distribution at a current budget about $65 dollars. It is amazing that since this was initiated and started with such a small budget no death has been reported in the six villages except one boy who was epileptic and died in water about six months ago. We also helped to repair Mama Julieta’s house which was very badly off. Julieta is an old grandmother with no child and she is currently attending our Buche church. She is a lovely lady and a great inspiration to our work here.


We believe God to scale up this area of our work where we can provide water guard to families for treating their drinking water to curb water borne diseases. One bottle of water guard costs Kenya shillings 20 and can last a family of five (5) people a month, it therefore means that $1 dollar can help three (3) families of 5 persons each x 3 which is fifteen people from waterborne diseases for a whole one month. It is awesome that with $40 dollars it is enough to provide 40 families with treated mosquito nets.

It is our prayer and compassion that God will allow us and support us to continue to save and touch many lives as we preach His gospel to these communities in Kenya.


HOE children family centre

In this ending month of January God added to HOE family three children. The amazing thing is that one of the children is the mother of the other two. Joshua was called to Homa Bay police station on a rescue mission to a total orphan who had been abused. The result of the abuses is her two children Victor aged 5 years and Brilliant aged 2 years. The young girl is herself aged 17 years which means she gave birth to her first son Victor at the age of 13 years. The girl’s name is Beatrice. They are all now happily part of HOE family and the two little children will start their education at HOE Christian School after some medication and nutrition support to make them recover in health. This year BJ one of the girls in HOE family was enrolled at Okok primary school to join other HOE family children Linda, Victor (not the new Victor), Vivian nicknamed Mercy and Bruce. We did this so that all our HOE children attending primary schools could go to one primary school around here. BJ was last year attending Kamolo primary School which is also in this area.




School Christian Clubs

HOE Ministries has started to work with primary schools in Ndhiwa District to start school Christian clubs which will help the pupils and their teachers grow in their spiritual lives. The Christian school clubs will initiate other social and economic activities in the community through the schools like environmental conservation where we intend to teach the clubs on tree planting. Every school club will have a tree nursery for community distribution of seedlings and for the schools own tree planting. They will also teach the community on the need of building pit latrines to control waterborne diseases as currently these communities are using bushes for latrines. This initiative is at piloting stage with the first school club initiated in this January at Kamolo primary school. When we visited the school last week all the children there put up their hands to pray and receive salvation. We are focusing to work with five (5) schools around here as the schools are very far apart from each other. We do believe God for Bibles and Christian teaching literature materials to help with this area of work and other gospel work as in these villages it is very difficult to find a Bible.


HOE Christian School in Buche

Our HOE school children were provided with new school uniforms with a small gap on some children which we believe God to provide soon to help us curb stigma from them of seeing others in beautiful uniforms and they having none. School materials, books and pencils were also distributed this month to the children. Agnes who is a trained early childhood teacher and who is now part of our church joined our HOE school staff of volunteer teachers this month. This is very important for us as she brings with her to the team a good trained capacity which will help the children.


Homa Bay town ministry work

School clubs

In Homa Bay we are working with twelve primary schools through school health clubs. The schools are namely; Arunda, Asego, Kogelo, Got Rabuor, Makongeni, Rangwena, Shauriyalo (in Shauriyako slum), Pedo, Got Kochungo, Lake, Rabuor Masawa and Homa Bay primary schools. In each primary school we now have a school health club of 20 pupils and two patrons who are teachers. In all the 12 primary schools we have 264 members consisting of the patrons and the club pupil members. This initiative work is targeting orphans and other vulnerable children in primary schools for childrens rights protection, health care, spiritual support and counseling. We have been able to build the capacity of the school clubs through training all the 24 patrons @ two per school club and 3 peer counselors of pupils from each club making 36 peer counselors in all the 12 school clubs. The trainings were provided through networking with Government Ministry of Health in Homa Bay District who provided us with facilitators.


School dropout orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) Apprenticeship skills training support

We are supporting one hundred (100) OVC school dropouts in this area from three sub locations in Homa Bay namely; Asego, Arujo and Homa Bay town sub locations in child headed families and impoverished grandmothers headed families. The OVC are provided with career awareness training for two days through networking with government ministry of youth affairs department before being placed with local Artisans for skills training support for eight months. It costs Kshs 1,000 to support one orphan/child in this area and Kshs. 8,000 for the whole training per child which means about $17 per month and $130 to support one child for the whole course/ skills that in return will support the whole family of an average of six people which will improve household meals and other basic needs.


Grandmothers and widow caregivers support

We are starting a program in Homa Bay which will help improve income in 100 households headed by grandmothers and sickling widows through initiative of a seed fund which will be a revolving fund for the targeted caregivers to start or improve their income through sustained personal small income generating activities. This initiative concept needs a budget of about $2,000 to start off and will benefit 100 households per year with an average of 6 people per household which brings total direct beneficiaries of 600 people per year.


Foster parent community care

In this specific area of our work, we are targeting 20 households which are child headed after all the adults have died as a result of HIV/AIDS. We identify them through networking with other community leaders and well-wishing persons in the community living near the children families who provides foster parental care to the family. The duty of the foster parent care is to mobilize the community to support the children by farming for at least a garden for them as they go to school and provide other basic human needs. He/she reports to us and other government structures on any child right abuse to the children. The foster parent is not allowed to bring the children to his/her family but provides foster parent care to them in their family where the dead parents left them. Currently in this activity we are only providing capacity building training to the 20 foster parents.


It is the aim of our ministry to transform lives and restore shattered dreams in villages and slums. We move in every step by faith in God that strengthens us.


John 7:38

He who believes in Me, as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.


We bless God,


Joshua and Sylvia


May Newsletter
Greetings from Sylvia and Joshua in Kenya.
A month has passed by since I came back to Kenya to continue with the vision that God has given to Joshua and I to establish 'Heaven on Earth', a community for orphans, widows and the aged.
Jessica McDonell was with us for two weeks and returned home refreshed and renewed by the Spirit of God and the love of the Kenyan people here. It was such a blessing to have her with us for that short time. Jess is planning to return in September with other people who are interested in the vision we have here to restore people back to God and His wonderful blessings.
God is so faithful to us here and has enabled 10 people to do the second semester of Bible School here in Homa Bay. I have seen such transformation in the lives of some of the people who have been involved and committed to this training. Some of these people will become teachers and leaders at 'Heaven on Earth' and will join us in the vision.
We have started a nursery school at Buche Village where 'Heaven on Earth' is being established and 55 children have been enrolled. These children now have books and pencils, the teachers have set up a curriculum and uniforms are being made for them. The children are being fed nutritional porridge each day and have been wormed and will be medically checked shortly. We need now to build latrines and wash rooms for the school.
In December last year we purchased 1. 2/3 acres of land with two mud huts on it and we have been having church there now for a few weeks. The number of people attending is increasing as we encourage them to preach the gospel and bring friends and relatives to join us in this community of believers. Many have been baptised in water and the Holy Spirit and we will continue to teach them and guide them about what it means to be saved and part of a New Testament Church.
Over 50 trees have been planted for fruit and for building materials which will be watered and cared for during the coming dry season.
Our next step is to purchase another 1.1/2 acres of land next to our land with two buildings (I thought there were 4 buildings but discovered that there are two buildings) which can be used for the school, church and living accommodation for our voluntary workers.This land can be purchased at a very small cost of approximately $1,000 aust including legal expenses, (still being negotiated). If there is any surplus money it can be used to purchase additional adjoining land, yes, the land in the village is certainly not expensive compared to the land in the towns.
At this time we are using public transport to and from the village along roads that have huge potholes, these roads are soon to be restored and a road which will give us better access to the village is also to be cleared.
A new motor bike here costs around $1,200 aust, these are used as a means of transport by the locals, many carrying three or four people at a time, locally known as African Taxies or Boda Boda.

Having our own motor bike for travelling to and from the village would be less expensive and more practical.

We are believing that God will raise up people who will raise funds for the purchase of this land and other expenses. All of us are working on a voluntary basis and we are believing that God will continue to send us volunteers to partner with us in this vision.
I will be returning to the village this week and live amongst the people. I want to join with the teachers to help in the school and to learn more of the Luo language.
We are also starting an adult education class shortly to help the village people to learn English and Swahili ( Kenya's national language).
Malaria is one of the biggest killers here and we have purchased mosquito nets for some of the families and will continue to look for ways of reducing and even eliminating this problem.
We are planting herbs and trees that will repel the mosquitoes and flies in the area and cleaning away contaminated water and rubbish. Building latrines (pit toilets) can also be an important part of the solution.
We are grateful to God and to those who faithfully pray for us and support us in this ministry here and pray that God will continue to bless you abundantly and give you the desires of your heart as you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
Thank you so much.
Sylvia, Joshua and the team here at Heaven on Earth


Nursery School


Nursery School started this week with 55 children.

The classes are divided into 2 with a large baby class and a pre unit class.

The children will have a cup of nutritional porridge each day to help sustain them.

We are making uniforms for the children in pale blue ( for heaven) with a pink insert for the girls and a pink collar for the boys.