Joshua Wagunda Testimony

Joshua Wagunda Testimony

Posted by Joshua Wagunda on December 25, 2009 at 6:05 AM

Joshua Wagunda

Testimony and vision

I was born on the 2nd February 1968 at Kopudo Village in what is now Ndhiwa District in Nyanza Province in Kenya.

I was the second born from my mother's womb out of seven children from my father's two wives. The other wife had 4 children.

The firstborn died at the age of 16 and I remained the oldest child in the family.

Our family was very poor in a village affected by lack of formal education and the matter became worse when my father died. I was eleven years of age at this time.

The second wife ran away leaving all her children under the care of my mother who was then left to provide and care for all the remaining children.

Our life there after was horrible as we slept without food for many days and it became normal life to us.

I put on my first pair of shoes at the age of 24 years.

Despite all the suffering I was bright in school and passed with high marks my Primary Certificate. Due to the fact that we had no money for school fees I dropped out of school in form three.

Then I went to look for some manual work to help support my mother and siblings at Miwani Sugar Ltd next to Kisumu in early 1991.

I used to pass by a certain old woman aged 82 years and she would greet me as I passed her place. One day when I was going to look for work the woman saw me and invited me into her house.

Maybe she saw I was tired and offered me some porridge and asked me to sit next to her outside her house. I accepted and we took two stools and sat down.

She asked me if I was saved and if I knew Jesus.

My answer was that I was not saved but I had heard of Jesus through people.

She shared the gospel with me and read John 3: 16 which I still remember today, then she asked me if I would receive Jesus.

She led me in a prayer for salvation and I prayed and repented of my sins and asked Jesus to come and live inside me and take over my life.

She inquired about where and how I lived and after hearing from me she asked me if I would come and stay with her and she would teach me the Word of God.

The woman was called Mama Aseso Nyambara and had no biological children.

I moved in to live with her and stayed there for two years as her son.

She arranged for my water baptism a week later and I was baptised in the river Nyando by a minister of God named Wuod Odede who was fellowshipping with her at 'Power of Jesus around the World'.

They together taught me about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the infilling of the Holy Spirit and told me to ask God for this..

One night when we were fellowshipping in Mama Aseso's house I began to speak in tongues as the Holy Spirit gave me utterance.

Mama Aseso taught me how to walk by faith and trust only in God to provide for my every need, I am so grateful for her input into my life.

My life began to change and Mama Aseso identified a woman for me who is today my dear beloved wife, Pamela. We have a total of nine children, five of these are adopted orphans which God has given to us.

In January 2003 I became very sick and near to death.

Everybody including my dear wife believed my life had come to an end.

I was taken back to my home village to die.

I heard people discussing my funeral arrangements and it seemed like I was dead.

After about 15 minutes I awoke from a vision.

In the vision I was on top of a high hill and there before me was a woman who was crying. She had a child in her arms and holding the hand of another child. The woman and the children were in a horrible condition. I felt compassion for the woman and a voice said to me.. “The woman is a poor widow with orphans, go and serve them”

Immediately this was over the people standing next to my bed saw life in me again and my life was restored. I was instantly healed from that day to this. God appeared to me again and gave me a vision of a children's home which will house and support widows, aged and orphans.

Right now we are establishing a community for widows, aged and orphans which will house around 100 children called “Heaven on Earth” in Buche village in Nyanza, Kenya.

We now have five church branches in Homa Bay, two churches in Migori and another in Magina.

Mama Aseso went to be with the Lord in the year 2001.

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